Huawei Smart Data Center

FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center

Breaking the traditional data-center construction modes, Huawei FusionModule500 integrates the Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), batteries, and monitoring systems into one cabinet, significantly reducing the physical footprint as well as costs. With all components prefabricated, preinstalled, and pretested, onsite installation and deployment of this smart mini data center can be completed within just two hours, supporting rapid service roll-out and batch replication.

FusionModule500 is equipped with a smart management system and a mobile Operations and Maintenance (O&M) App, allowing remote and unified management of multiple mini data centers. This allows equipment rooms to function while unattended, greatly reducing O&M labor costs.

A smart mini data center is commonly used in edge outlets, providing an integrated infrastructure solution for finance, government, education, medical, and public security sectors, as well as Small- to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

FusionModule800 Smart Small Data Center

Huawei FusionModule800 3.0 is a next generation data center solution that is smart and compact, integrating Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), monitoring, cooling, and rack systems into a converged rack to save space.

IT racks can be deployed flexibly on both sides with a single module able to support a maximum of 12 racks and an IT load of 25 kW (T3: IT load ≤ 21 kW). The maximum power density for each rack is 7 kW/R (T3: ≤ 6 kW). Hot and cold aisle containment also works to save energy and reduce noise, making FusionModue800 suitable for a range of industries, including finance, education, healthcare, public security, retail, and more.

FusionModule1000A Prefabricated All-in-One Data Center

Huawei FusionModule1000A is an all-in-one, prefabricated, outdoor Data Center (DC) solution that is both environmentally friendly and reliable. The DC is available in 2N and N + X redundancy configurations.

Integrating power, cooling, firefighting, lighting, and management systems into a single ISO dimension enclosure, FusionModule1000A can be deployed quickly, with smart managements systems ensuring reliable operations. In addition, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) can be managed remotely with a mobile app.

Huawei’s Prefabricated Data Center Solutions have topped global shipments for three consecutive years. FusionModule1000A can be applied to a wide range of industries, including enterprise, smart city, education, mining, oil exploration, finance, transportation, and telecom carrier.

FusionModule1000B Prefabricated Modular Data Center

FusionModule1000B is an advanced, prefabricated modular data center solution. It houses, powers, and manages modern IT and CT equipment with a simple, green, and reliable power-plus environment system.

Huawei’s FusionModule1000B Prefabricated Modular Data Center includes an integrated power system for both AC and DC, an energy-saving water-cooled or air-cooled in-row cooling system, an automatic fire detection and suppression system, and an intelligent management system for infrastructure facilities. The FusionModule1000B is a superior alternative to traditional data center structures.

Huawei’s Prefabricated Data Center Solution was ranked as the world’s best in shipment for three consecutive years, and several Huawei data centers have been awarded Uptime Tier Certification and DCD awards.

FusionModule2000 Series Smart Modular Data Center

Huawei FusionModule2000 is a next generation, smart modular data center — awarded the world’s first “Uptime Tier IV Ready” certification — integrating power, cooling, rack and cabling, and management systems.

With a wide range of applications, the structure can be either single- or dual-row, with support for hot or cold aisle containment. In addition, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) built in, data center reliability, availability, and efficiency are all significantly improved, through the use of Huawei’s iPower, iCooling, and iManager systems.

Single modules can be applied to small- and medium-sized data centers, while multiple modules can be used to construct a large data center that meets the requirements of large sectors such as government, finance, and more.