There are many reasons why companies should think about implementing email archiving:

  • Protects you against legal risks where you need to refer to an email which may have been deleted from an employee’s mailbox; an email archiver is a secure storage data repository that provides organizations with protection and support during legal proceedings, making it easy to access and find the required documentation (e-Discovery)
  • Boosts employee productivity by making it quicker and easier to search for and find emails
  • Enhances mail server performances and storage needs are optimised
  • Makes data available and accessible in the event of any downtime, planned or unplanned so that the risk of data loss is minimized

Libraesva Email Archiver protects business critical information, simplifies compliance, improves employee efficiency!

Libraesva Email Archiver is a powerful and simple solution for email Governance, Risk and Compliance; up and running in minutes creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data over a period of years.

No matter what email server you are using, either in the cloud or on premise: Libraesva Email Archiver seamless integrates with any mail server, and offers native integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

Thanks to the exclusive Outlook Add-In, that supports both Windows and Mac, users can still access their archived email in the usual way.


  • Up and running in minutes guided by user-friendly wizards
  • No customer lock-in, data is stored in open formats. No need for proprietary
    software to export your email archive
  • Email import from SMTP Journaling, Exchange, Office365, POP3, IMAP, PST, eml
  • Multiple storage support: local, lan, cloud object storage
  • Folder replication: maintains the folder structure of your mailbox
  • Enhance mail server efficiency and boost employee productivity: can offload your
    mail server and provide instant search results
  • End-user features through native Outlook plug-in and/or responsive web interface


  • Quick complex and detailed searches
  • Data Privacy and “security by design” to maximize compliance and minimize legal risk
  • Certified time-stamping of each archived email (RFC3161)
  • Legal hold
  • Email Encryption (AES256)
  • Granular Permissions: over 80 distinct permissions allow to create granular user roles
  • Privacy officer management: access to sensitive data can be subject to approval
  • Auditing and anti-tampering


  • Virtual appliance, available on-premise or in the cloud
  • Import email from any mail server and from existing archives
  • Secure and redundant storage: encryption and anti-tampering e-Discovery, legal hold, custom archiving and retention rules