Phishing Awareness on your terms, not theirs!

Libraesva PhishBrain analyzes each employee and organization, profiling each on an ongoing basis to determine their phishing risk profile. PhishBrain identifies the highest risk employees and tracks their progress over time, in order to become a truly security-conscious company.

Why does phishing work ?

Phishing attacks are successful because they leverage the human factor, which is the weakest component of a company’s security. People do not give sufficient attention to seemingly legitimate requests and end up erroneously sharing data

Why you should care?

25% of employees are quick to click on phishing email links and 50% of those submit information in web forms
What is the cost to business

Breaches cost, on average, over $130,000, and can reach into the Millions, resulting in many companies going out of business


  • Reporting: Real-time reporting on phishing campaign statistics and high-risk employees
  • Scheduling: Send phishing emails all at once or distributed over a period of time
  • Training: Set a repeating schedule so employees can be tested on a regular basis
  • Templates: Submit emails and websites to be converted into templates for use
  • Licensing: Flexible licensing by number of mailboxes or number of email sends
  • Intergration: Seamless integration with Microsoft 365®, Google Workspace and other LDAP servers
  • Flexible: Set up and manage campaigns from specific industries