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Microsoft Teams

 Microsoft’s enterprise license agreement, which entitles users to Microsoft Teams, is a strong influence on organizations considering UCaaS. The majority of Gartner clients, which are midsize and large organizations, have Microsoft enterprise license agreements in place.

Microsoft Teams has the most complete set of integrations with Microsoft’s Office 365 services and applications. Microsoft Teams is itself “built” from many Office 365 services and applications, such as Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange Online.

Microsoft’s collaboration features for messaging and meetings fully satisfy a significant percentage of the user base in organizations that want to add enterprise telephony at a low additional cost to that of an E1 or E3 license.

Most Gartner clients already use Microsoft Teams for messaging and meetings, and they report good or better levels of satisfaction. Adoption has increased in response to COVID-19. End users’ familiarity with Microsoft Teams for messaging and meetings has led to end-user demand for IT organizations to add telephony.

Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams connects your Office 365 Phone System PBX to external callers via secure and resilient SIP trunks.
Your users can work from anywhere, so long as they have an internet connection and their Teams application, they can make and receive calls, including access to their extensions, voicemail, and call routing features.

Flexible Call Bundles

Direct Routing offers bespoke call plans which deliver cost savings vs. Microsoft Calling Plans. Call us for a quote.

Local provisioning & support

Let our team support you from provisioning and porting, through to in-life service, with competitive SLAs in place.

Easy Calling

Make and receive voice calls from Microsoft Teams. Increase employee efficiency by centralising communications through one application.


We offer various certified teams handsets and conferecing units..

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Getting Started....

  1. Microsoft Phone System license in Microsoft 365 (typically included in the E5 package and an add-on for E1 – E3 check package.) If you dont have we can offer the following.
  2.  A Communications Service Provider that can provide SIP Trunks for Teams (AKA a dial tone provider) for  Microsoft calls Direct Routing.  We are that team….
  3. A Certified Sessions Border Controller which we have already.
  4.  Porting requirements. Our team will assist.
  5. So what you need to do is just call us and we do the rest…

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