VOIP Packages

Phone services delivered through your Internet connection instead
of your local phone company. It is the starting point for you to
save on inbound and outbound calls.

Hosted IP PBX

Hosted IP PBX delivers all the features of an onsite PBX, Offsite, eliminating the need for expensive and complicated equipment. The flexibility of the system makes it possible for any size of Business to have the same system features without any additional licensing fees. With it being fully managed there is no need for technical expertise to manage the system, we do everything for you.
  • Limited capital outlay
  • Works over – ADSL, Wireless, LTE, FibreWave & Fibre
  • IVR, Voicemail, Call Recording, Queues as Standard
  • Accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Future Proof
  • Scalable and flexible

Number Porting

Number porting compliments our SIP and Hosted IP PBX services by enabling you to keep your existing telephone number. This allows for seamless migration from other providers and old copper telephone infrastructure. This will also save money on line rental of your existing provider and the hassle of poor telephone lines. 

Porting requirements:
  • Telkom / other provider accounts up-to-date.
  • First three pages of Telkom / other provider accounts indicating the numbers that should be ported.
  • Letter addressed to Telkom / Other provider stating you wish to port your number to AIEQ Systems (PTY) Ltd.
Porting fees vary depending on the line type that is being ported – Analogue, ISDN & VoIP.
Please speak to our sales department for assistance and to do a telephone account audit to advise on the best way forward for your Business


•  Get it for FREE 4 incoming lines license
•  Any size Standard license free for first year.
•  FREE for unlimited extensions.
•  We supply you your own SIP Trunk.
•  Auto-configuration of phones and SIP trunks.
•  low annual license price
•  No hidden extra costs for modules or softphones
•  No need for desk phones – use extension on smartphone or PC.
•  low call rates
•  Office 365 Intergration, Live Chat
•  Slash your phone bill: Employees on the road/at home call free.
•  Eliminate interoffice calls. Leverage low cost SIP Trunk pricing.
•  We can have you operational within an hour using modern Android, iOS apps or Web and Windows communications client.
•  Corporate chat.
•  Browser based video conferencing for all users.
•  All at no extra charge.
•  Standard, Professional and Enterprise license models ask us about the features.
•  addittional features- Call recording, live chat, facebook messenger,call reports, call queues, auto attendants and more .  (some features can be charged for))

*** Cloud Hosting, Call Rates and Line rentals will be charged for monthly.