DLP Solutions

What is DLP ?

Data loss prevention (DLP) makes sure that users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. The term describes software products that help a network administrator control the data that users can transfer. DLP products use business rules to classify and protect confidential and critical information so that unauthorized users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data, which would put the organization at risk.

DLP technologies are broadly divided into two categories – Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP. While Enterprise DLP solutions are comprehensive and packaged in agent software for desktops and servers, physical and virtual appliances for monitoring networks and email traffic, or soft appliances for data discovery, Integrated DLP is limited to secure web gateways (SWGs), secure email gateways (SEGs), email encryption products, enterprise content management (ECM) platforms, data classification tools, data and discovery tools


Traffic Control

Traffic Control analyzes data transmitted by employees outside the local network and
blocks leakage of confidential information through network channels, including social
networks and instant messengers. 

Monitors traffic and controls the flow of data across more than 100 channels to minimize the risk of intentional or inadvertent data loss.

Device Control

Zecurion’s patented preventive content analysis recognizes over 500 file formats and ensures that confidential and sensitive data is never written to external media.

Staff Control

Zecurion Staff Control was added as a separate module to Zecurion DLP 11. Staff Control keeps track of working hours, logs employees’ actions at workplaces, and evaluates the efficiency. The module checks the activities of personnel for compliance with corporate standards and safety policies.

Employee card. Each dossier contains detailed information on efficiency and activity at the workplace in dynamics. The Administrator can also review staff incidents in a convenient format.

Report designer with 10+ indicators. Now reports include a table with fast filters, groups, and data from up to tens of thousands of PCs.

Resource usage and timesheets. Suggests detailed information on what web sites and applications running and activity period. Automatically generated timesheets will help managers supervise discipline, including corporate devices management and the working

User Behavoir

The Module uses 10+ indicators and emotional profiling. UEBA compares current employees’ parameters with their average statistical value. A sharp deviation may signal a potential threat.

Screen Photo Dedector

This unique AI-based feature changes the game, stopping the insiders that were previously not being able to catch. Whenever someone tries to photograph a screen by the smartphone, 

Zecurion DLP immediately detects it via webcam and blocks the computer. The revolutionary technology uses 2 neural networks to ensure reliable smartphone detection and flags cybersecurity incidents in a blink of an eye (from 0.06 seconds).


Zecurion Discovery uses 10 content-detection technologies and ensures that all data stored on endpoints is identified and stored properly.