AIEQ Systems (PTY) Ltd

About Us

What We Do

Our main goal is to provide business with the agility to adapt and thrive in the marketplace through deployment of leading edge technology.

Our strengths are in Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Broadband Connectivity, VoIP and Managed Services

We also specialise in hardware, software, network infrastructure, data centres, facilities management, and related equipment used to design, test, implement, operate, monitor, manage, and support IT services.

We deploy specific ICT products that deliver the intended benefits by providing companies with the means to operate efficiently and save costs, for example :

  • Enterprise Security products that protect your company from end to end.
  • MSP & MSSP Offerings
  • SASE Solutions
  • Flexible Licensing Models – Subscription / Perpetual
  • Compliance and Consulting offerings.
  • Flexible SLA and MSA’s – Monthly / Quarterly / Annual
  • PEN and Vunerablity Testing Solutions.
  • Cloud computing and Backup solutions.
  • Microsoft Teams, which provides voice, video and instant messaging communication via a Unified Communications platform.   

We are a young, innovative company with critical ICT skills suited to the 4th Industrial Revolution, and it is our mission to guide companies both locally and globally in the evolving digital landscape.


Our Vision

Innovating through digification to Connect people, place and product and to Evolve business and people in the ever-changing  digital landscape..

Our Mission

New innovative company believing in the 4th industry revolution guiding companies using the tools to connect and evolve them on a global front.
To become leading 4th industrial advisor to your business offering a full turnkey solution to integrate the ever-changing digital landscape using cloud computing, IoT, cyber security and big data.
Integrating all your systems on a digital platform to give your company the agility to adapt to a fast growing IT industry
To connect with people and offer innovative solutions to evolve in business together